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July 9, 2002 marks the first anniversary of Tri River Transit Authority’s expansion of public transportation services to Boone County.  This service, which was sorely needed, has exceeded expectations in passenger numbers, which average 80 passengers per week.

According to a survey of 43 Boone County passengers conducted by the Transportation Committee of the Regional Family Resource Network in Boone County from April 12 to May 24, 2002, public transportation is used for a variety of needs.  Forty-nine percent of those surveyed reported themselves or other members of their household riding the bus two to three times a week and 23% reported riding the bus once a week.  Seventy-two percent reported to use the bus for shopping and 67% reported using it for personal business errands, such as going to banks, post offices, the court house, etc.  Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed said that they ride the bus to get to medical and/or dental appointments and 33% reported that they use the bus for social service agency appointments.  Twenty-three percent of those who answered the survey said that they ride it to access recreation, 12% said that they use the bus to get to their jobs, and 7% ride the bus to attend school.

The main reasons the surveyed passengers use the bus is because they do not have a car available (60%), it is convenient (56%), they don’t drive (53%) and it is less expensive than other forms of transportation (47%).

Eighty-eight percent of those surveyed said that they or a member of their household would use non-emergency medical transportation if it were made available.  Ninety-three percent reported that they or a member of their household would use “Park-N-Ride” if a location were established.

Fifty-one percent of respondents reported to be from the Van/Wharton area and 33% reported to be from the Madison/Danville area.  Upon returning a survey, respondents received by mail bus “passports”, which provide six rides.  These passports were provided by the Regional Family Resource Network, using West Virginia Community Voices Project funds.  Community Voices is funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan.

As well as other Community Voices Project funds, public transportation in Boone County is funded by the WV Division of Public Transit, Healthier Boone County 2010, Boone Memorial Hospital, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, Boone County Commission, Boone County Community and Economic Development Corporation, Eastern Associated Coal Corporation and the Madison Church of God.

Currently, the bus serves two routes in Boone County, route 17 to Clothier and route 85 to Wharton, with plans to expand service.  For more information about bus service in Boone County, contact Tri River Transit at 1-877-212-0815.