Make Your Mark and Make a Difference

Help Putnam County Children by Checking a Box on State Tax Form

West Virginia taxpayers have an opportunity to help keep children free from abuse and neglect simply by checking a box on the state tax form to make a tax deductible contribution to the West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund.  Contributions help communities provide innovative supports to families that keep children free from abuse and neglect. All taxpayers are eligible to contribute to the Fund through the tax form. 


These contributions also help to generate federal matching funds – the higher the contributions received from West Virginia taxpayers, the more federal dollars that will come to West Virginia for children. Private donors also contribute to the Fund. Every dollar contributed by West Virginia tax payers leverages between 4-5 dollars in additional funds for local community efforts.

The Putnam County Young Child Task Team of the Regional Family Resource Network is replicating Brain Under Construction ZoneSM at the WomenCare Birth Center in Teays Valley, which provides prenatal care to approximately 150 families a year.  Brain Under Construction ZoneSM  was begun in Huntington in 2005 as a program of Success by Six by the United Way of the River Cities.  Brain Under Construction ZoneSM educates parents about early brain development and emphasizes 12 tips for Raising a Healthy Child.

The book What to do When Your Child Gets Sick, will be provided in the Brain Under Construction ZoneSM packet along with the Building Connections, Shaping Futures and other materials helpful to families.  The Putnam PIP Team will continue to distribute the book What to do When Your Child Gets Sick to Putnam County families through our provider partners.

Children who grow up in nurturing homes and communities are much more likely to become capable and contributing adults. Research shows that home and community life shapes character, intellect and talent from birth through a child’s teen years.

Direct contributions can also be sent to the West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund, P.O. Box 5424, Charleston, WV 25361. The Children’s Trust Fund will provide written acknowledgement and appreciation of all direct contributions.


For more information about the West Virginia Children’s Trust Fund go to or contact Jim McKay at 304-558-4637. For more information about work for children in Putnam County, please contact Regional Family Resource Network at 414-4470.