Our Board

RFRN surrounds itself with smart, experienced people who can help us grow our business and improve our processes. We seek to build and maintain a board with a wide range of experiences, competencies and perspectives.

Lida Shepherd
Boone County Community Representative

Program Director
Appalachian Center for Equality
P.O. Box 1952
Logan, WV 25601
Email:  Lshepherd@afsc.org

Lance Whaley
Putnam County Provider

DHHR Putnam District
3405 Winfield Road
Winfield, WV  25213
Business Phone:  304-586-1554
Email:  Lance.C.Whaley@wv.gov 

Carey Jo Grace
Kanawha County Family Representative

Cell Phone:  859-979-1967
Email:  cgracehkfc@gmail.com

Christopher Kimes
Kanawha County Community

West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition
P.O. Box 2773
Charleston, WV  25330
Phone Number: 304-561-7728
Email:  ckimeshkfc@gmail.com

Michelle L. Kosa
Putnam County Community Representative 

97 Great Teays Blvd Suite 6. 
Scott Depot, WV  25560 

Joyce VanDale Hill 
Boone County Community Representative
(Executive Team -Chair)

PO Box 187
731 Hopkins Ave, Suite 102
Danville, WV  24053
Phone: 304-369-9081
Email:  jhill@enactwv.org

Tina Ramirez
Kanawha & Putnam Provider

(Executive Team -Treasurer)
Kanawha and Putnam Health Departments
108 Lee St E
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone:  304-348-8080
Email:  Tina.L.Ramirez@wv.gov

Kelly Miller
Boone County Family Representative

Cell Phone:  304-972-1873
Email:  knova@zoominternet.net

Kendra Prine
Kanawha County Community Representative

Cell Phone:  304-550-2838
Email:  kprine@hospicecarewv.org

Cathy Schrader
Putnam County Community Representative
(Executive Team -Chair-Elect)

Cell Phone:  304-205-1514
Email:  cschrader@arthritis.org

Joumana Elkhansa
Regional Provider

511 Morris Street
Charleston, WV  25301
Cell Phone:  304-437-0173
Email: Joumana.Elkhansa@prestera.org

Tommy Vance
Regional Community Representative

214 Erin Lane
South Charleston, WV  25309
Cell Phone:  304-807-6227
Email: tvancevfs@gmail.com

Sheila Combs
Boone County Community Representative

25586 Coal River Road
Orgas, WV  25148
Cell Phone:  304-837-3962
Email: timsheila@hotmail.com

Krystal Stollings
Boone County Community Representative