Who We Are

We envision a family-centered, community-based environment that promotes comprehensive quality healthcare and educational/vocational/economic opportunities in a setting that encourages, values, and nurtures all of its members.

About RFRN

Regional Family Resource Network strives to help increase community awareness of local and state issues that affect children and families; assist community groups to work together to identify and address local issues using relevant information; support local partners in working together to maximize community investments; promote the coordination of existing community services to maximize benefits to families; encourage the provision of local services and programs in a way that respects and supports families; and promote opportunities for families to impact decisions that affect them.

Our Mission

The Regional Family Resource Network supports and empowers children, families, and communities to reach their fullest potential within Boone, Kanawha, and Putnam Counties.

The purpose of Family Resource Networks

  • A planning body that assists to coordinate services and minimize duplication of services.
  • A way to share information about resources in the community.
  • An avenue to critically review the community’s needs and what can be done to meet these needs and address service gaps.
  • A body to collaborate with other agencies and citizens to help improve services for recipients.
  • A way to bring recipients of services and providers together to review what works and what doesn’t and look at changes in the delivery system.